God of Now

by: Kevin Ciepiel

I am the God of your now, so how can you be full of anxiety?  We share the same space, we breathe the same breath.  I know what is best for you, because I created it for you.

I entrusted goodness and riches to you.  Where are they? In you.  Deep down like a buried treasure, do not stop till you discover all of them in their full majesty (glory).  Do not be waived by man, to and fro.  Do not look to others as the norm.  Do not be anybody else but you.  Be you and you will truly be.

Be ever present in the now, that is where you will find me.  I am, now.  Therefore, you need to be in the now.  Do not look to the enemies of left and right (past and future). 

Be in the now; ever present = ever knowing. 

When you live in the now you let go of your past and create your future.  You are great to the extent that you expel your greatness and be it.  Exude your magnificence.  Be a champion’s champion.  The world needs you to be you- not another “them”. 

“Between the lines one finds- direction and clarity.

Outside the lines, one finds- confusion and anxiety.

The lines define time; the present.

These lines never meet, these lines never cross.

The lines are there so you do not get lost.

On track, instep, precise and direct,

Existing in the moment avoids a life wreck.”