Kevin Ciepiel is the Founder of Good Life Ministries
{Building and teaching the Kingdom of God}

Kevin's Commitments to God, Himself, and Others are as Follows:

GOD: To give God the praise and glory in whatever I say, think and do in all areas of my life.  To serve Him by serving His people, with the spiritual gifts (wisdom, teaching, encouraging) He has given me.  I do all this motivated by Love.

To proclaim the Gospel to the lost. Remind fellow believers of their rich inheritance in Christ. Encourage them in their daily christian walk and to live a changed God centered life. To emphasize that the Bible is God's System to Success, both in this life and in Heaven.  Teach people the concept of the Kingdom of God, help them discover their God given purpose so they can release their true wealth to serve others. 

MYSELF: To devote myself to a continual renewal of my mind, through God's Word, that I may apply this wisdom in my life, so that I may conformed to the image and likeness of Christ, thus developing a more intimate relationship with Him so I may be equipped for everything God has purposed for me to do.